Caring for your heat pack

Caring for your heat pack


A few easy ways to care for your heat pack so it will last

We all love a hot heat pack and it is way to common to overheat them

A heat pack should be warm and not hot, for your safety and the longevity of your heat pack


Only reheat from room temperature or cooler up to three quarters of the heating time for your microwave wattage. Start at half the recommended time as this may be warm enough

This allows for reduced heat sensitivity that a user may have

You always wonder why we say have a clean microwave, well it’s because food residue and oil can cause hot spots on your heat pack

If you get anything on your heat pack spot clean them, I arm water on a towel is usually enough

A lot of people like dark heat packs so they don’t get dirty, but I prefer to be able to see and clean the heat pack

Always make sure your heat pack is clear if the microwave sides and the plate can turn easily. A stuck heat pack is a burnt heat pack

Just a few tips should help your heat pack last for at least 12 months

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