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Most asked heat pack questions

I get a lot of questions about my heat packs, so I wanted to answer them for you

How should a heat pack be stored?

When your heat pack is cool, store in a dark, damp free, dust free space. This helps with limiting dust inside your heat pack and not adding moisture into your heat pack. The dark space is so the fabric doesn’t wear quickly if left in sunlight

How long do heat packs last?

That all depends on various factors, if you are a constant user of heat packs you may need to replace it as soon as six months. If you use it less frequently it may be every two years. If you are an over heater of your heat pack you will go through them quite fast. If you heat them to be warm rather than hot they will last longer

How do I check my heat pack for wear?

A few things to check your heat pack for, worn fabric, this can simply happen with fricken and use. Any bald or burnt spots in the fabric, this can be from over heating. Any loose stitching. Even though Lupins doesn’t have the same over powering odour that wheat has, if you are an over heater then you will notice an odour when the heat pack is needing to be replaced

Do your heat packs contain lavender or aromatherapy?

Even though these are nice and smell great they can be an additional burning hazard. If you are a heavy heat pack user stay away from scented heat packs. It is personal choice but it is recommended to not add any scents or fragrance to heat packs by the heat pack standards AS/NZS 5116:2016

Is it safe to use a heat pack on bare skin?

It is not recommended to use heat packs on bare skin

What is the ideal temperature range for a heat pack?

Heat packs should be used warm and not hot. The heat pack manufacturer should have done the testing for you to make it safe. According to the AS/NZS 5116:2016 50 degrees is safe. This is a very mild heat that can safely be used on the body. If a heat pack feels to hot on your hands then it is

Is it safe to use a heat pack on an open wound?

it is not recommended to use a heat pack on an open wound

Who should not use a heat pack?

it is not recommended for people who reduced awareness of temperature on their skin 

Can I use a heat pack or cool pack during cancer treatment?

I would always check with you medical team about this questions. From personal experience a close friend of ours had breast can and used my very mild heating instructions for a warm heat pack and instead of putting it in the freezer she kept it in the fridge so it was cool and not cold

What is the best heat pack for period pain?

This depends on what you are after, the rectangle heat pack is more than okay. If you want to move around one with straps. If you want one to snuggle up to a contoured neck shoulder heat pack would work as well

What is the best heat pack for back pain?

Once again it is personal preference, but I would find one that is comfortable for you. Think about how you will use it and when. You may need two, one when you are moving around and one when you need to be stationary 

What is the best heat pack for neck pain?

Think about how you will use it and where you neck pain is. Will you need to move around with it. Is your neck pain at the base of your neck or higher up. Look for a heat pack that won’t pull on your neck that is evenly balanced. One that isn’t front heavy

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