Autumn - Winter heat pack health check

Autumn - Winter heat pack health check

Many of you may be reaching for your heat pack for the first time this year

Even if you are a regular heat pack user checking your heat pack is still in good condition is a good idea

The main things to look for are:

Smell, this can be the fabric or the filling, if it smells mouldy or burnt then I would no longer use it. The fabric or the filling can continue to burn or ignite with use. If it smells mouldy then that isn’t good as the contents have gone mouldy

Are there any holes or thinning of fabric, not necessarily dangerous just annoying and signs you might need a new heat pack

Is it dusty? If it has been left out and gather dust, take it outside and give it a bit of a whack to get rid of excess dust. (Try not to breath it in)

If it has been a while since you used it, check the heating instruction times

Extra tip, every now and again put you heat pack in the freezer to help care for your lupin. Before you heat it make sure it is no longer cold, at least an two hours out of the freezer 

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