Why Cotton Apothecary was created

Why Cotton Apothecary was created

Cotton Apothecary was created from the need for a heat pack that worked with your body rather than against it.

Our Creative Director was so tired of hurting herself more by trying to position a heat pack where it needed to be. After trying all sorts of variations of heat packs on the market.

In 2017 she decided to create her own. After trial an error the neck shoulder 14 section heat pack was created. Not only can it be used from head to toe, the filling stays where you need it to. After two years of testing the heat pack was released to the general public.

Since then we haven't looked back. We are creating more original heat packs and cotton products for you to love. In 2021 we have launched our own organic cotton fabric heat pack fabric range.

By 2022 our aim is to no longer use any mass designed fabrics. All heatpacks are made to order which cuts down on fabric waste as we strive to become as eco friendly as we can. Want to know more click here

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