Why do you infuse you heat packs with Reiki

Why do you infuse you heat packs with Reiki

Why do I infuse my products and heat packs with reiki?

I always knew that I was different, I took on peoples emotions, I knew things that I couldn’t know and I always for as long as I could remember get bright red hot burning hands

It was all very exhausting, highs and lows often based on others peoples energy

This was in my early twenties to thirties, I had heard about reiki but I had never heard about being an empath. I didn’t have knowledge or any guidance

Then in 2019 things started to change, my pain was unbearable and my empathy emotions left me completely drained. Then in the middle of the year I discovered a reiki blast for the first time, and from that point on my life changed. 

I had an outlet to release other peoples emotions, I have always had people drawn to me and for some reason I would get the deepest stories out of them I never understood why. 

Random people would always just talk to me I could be anywhere. This is how my journey began, understanding why I felt others emotions and pain and how I know things.

In 2020 I did Reiki one and releasing energy I no longer get red burning hands. 

Infusing my products and heat packs with reiki, helps me spread light, love and kindness. Through artisanal handcrafted designs. Spreading universal energy for a wellness journey.  



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