The importance of microwave health for heat pack use

The importance of microwave health for heat pack use

Are you a heavy heat pack user? Are you heating your heat pack constantly during the day to help ease pain or stay warm? 

Then you need to read this. Do you know how well your microwave is working? Do you put your heat pack in the microwave and walk away from it. Here is why you shouldn’t and what to look for.

We have all heard of heat packs catching fire in the microwave. This is all to common as a lot of people may overheat their heat packs, or some manufacturers may not test them properly for the care and heating instructions.

The health of you microwave also plays a roll.

If you are a heavy user, you microwave may not last much past a year. Unfortunately these days electrical products don’t seem to last as long as they used to.

What to look out for to know that you microwave may not be functioning at the optimal level.

The first thing you may notice is that it isn’t heating as well as it used to. 

This can lead to over heating your heat pack because it isn’t warm enough, but this may be dangerous. If you microwave isn’t heating as well as it used to it may also be not hearing evenly.

Recently I noticed this happening to a microwave that was just over a year old, I had a lot of product testing to do.

Before I started testing I heated up some lunch. I always watch the microwave not matter what I have in it. Within 10 seconds I noticed some smoke coming from an all cotton towel. Which we had used as a holder for the past year. I stopped the microwave and pulled it out dunking it into water. It was smoking but wasn’t alight yet. 

I tested another piece of cotton and it did exactly the same thing. Luckily we have a second microwave as we are heavy users. I tested in that microwave and it was fine the heat testing wasn’t even warm on the fabric after 1 minute.

Microwaves don’t have to be old to be faulty, they can easily not heat evenly.

Always watch anything you put into the microwave, be near by never walk away from it  and never over heat your packs. 





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