What to check when buying a wardrobe to last

Are you wanting a sustainable capsule wardrobe?

How to pick your pieces and what to check so they will last

Firstly know your brands and the quality. With so much shopping online, it is good to have an idea of fit and quality first.

Sort through your wardrobe and donate or recycle pieces that no longer fit properly or fast fashion pieces that are out of style.

If you want to stop buying fast fashion and embark on a sustainable wardrobe journey, you also need a strong idea of your style. Make sure it is something you love as if you pick pieces properly and look after them you wardrobe can last you over thirty years.

When I stopped working in the corporate world I donated all of my black clothes. Luckily there has been an evolution in this and some many blazer and work pants are available in beautiful colours.

Do some googling and find your style and then decide on colours that make you feel special every time you put them on. Ones that will mix and match. There is no right and wrong here, everyone likes something different. I am a pattern mix and match, a lot of times I am a clasher. I love my staple navy and white, with colour and patterns that I know I will wear for years to come.

Once you have an idea of what you want then it is time to start looking for pieces. Blazers, pants, jeans, tshirts, shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and shorts. 

Once you find pieces you love, focus on the fit. Are the shoulders in the right place on shirts, does the blazer hit me at the right length. You might finds pieces you love that need slight alterations, it is worth investing in this. The right fit can completely change a piece. 

Also check the quality of the garment before you make your final choices, just because it is expensive does not always guarantee quality. Check the seam allowance and make sure there is at least 1 cm, this allows for alterations if needed. Is the overlocking covering the fabric seams correctly so they won’t fray. Check shirt shoulder seams to feel if there is a 1cm seam allowance, thus will stop the seam pulling and coming apart. Check for neat stitching with no skipped stitches or threads. 

There is no saying that you have to buy natural fibres it depends on your preference, but if you are investing in pieces look for organic cotton, organic linen or organic hemp. Buying viscose/rayon be mindful that it is a big Shri jet when you wash it and never buy it tight as the seams will tear, or seam slippage as we call it and the garment won’t last. 

Hopefully that gives you an idea on how to start a sustainable wardrobe. Look out for our next blog post of how to car for your sustainable wardrobe so it lasts.




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