What is Lupins?

What is Lupins?

Lupin heat packs are popping up everywhere.

So what are Lupin filled heat packs all about? 

What is Lupins?

Lupins is a legume and not a grain, it is known for its gluten free properties, unlike wheat which contains gluten. It belongs to the same plant family as peanuts. Lupins contains allergens that may trigger allergic reactions in some people with nut or peanut allergies, mainly if consumed.

Is Lupins lighter than wheat?

A single Lupins is larger that a grain of wheat, therefore it takes less Lupins to fill the same amount of space compared to the smaller grains of wheat.

Does Lupins sweat when heated?

We found a difference between heating wheat versus Lupins. Lupins appears to provide a drier heat than wheat. 

Does Lupins retain heat longer than wheat?

We have found that Lupins retains heat differently than wheat.

When you have a heat pack on your body and the top goes cold but the underneath absorbs your body heat. We found that the Lupins retains it heat from your body heat not the retention of heat from heating it in the microwave.

Lupins appears to have a better heat memory than wheat

Is Lupins odour free?

Lupins doesn’t have the same strong scent that wheat has I wouldn’t say that it is odour free. There is a slight scent on occasions but it isn’t strong.

Why did we choose to use lupin as a filling for our heat packs?

After trialling different fillings over a year we love that our very close friends that are severely gluten intolerant could use our heat packs with out getting red and blotchy. We are not claiming that our heat packs are gluten free (whilst we try very hard the occasional molecule of gluten may land on our heatpacks) they are definitely a much better option than wheat for the gluten intolerant.

We also love the heat attraction properties of the legume and had to really trial it as it was definitely not love at first sight. To be honest the first time we used it after a wheat heat pack we thought this goes colder quicker. After using them for a while we found that the lupin seems to maintain a more steady heat.

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