About Us

Microwave neck shoulder heat pack

Cotton Apothecary  was born in 2017 from a place I feel most inspired; sitting under my favourite tree in the Barossa chatting with my mum over a cup of tea.

We were both looking for a heat pack that would function as we needed it to, was soft, comfortable, long-lasting and felt natural on the curves of the body. Both having chronic fibromyalgia, and I also have ligament laxity, pcos and rib and thoracic displasure. We had tried nearly every heat pack on the market over the years, and there was nothing that helped the way we needed it to. That was when I knew I had to create something to help us that worked with the contours of the body, and would also be comfortable and could be used without have to sit down.

So I designed my first heat pack from my fashion design pattern making knowledge, from the ground up to fit both men and women. I took a simple approach to my design using the principle of how clothes fit the body and turned it into a curved heat pack using darts.

I trialled and selected my materials, prioritising the quality of the fibres, as I knew that I wanted a heat pack to outlast ones I had previously used. My first range was made purely for friends and family to see if they found the design as useful as we did. My focus was always the quality and comfort of the heat packs.

I had no idea how popular the neck shoulder heat pack, many people commenting why has no one come up with this design before. Then customers began to request some simple and some a lot more challenging designs for their personal use, I designed and handcrafted  heat packs from head to toe, literally.

By 2019 my product range had grown to fifteen unique pieces, from Handwarmers to homewares.

From its humble beginnings, I am proud of what Cotton Apothecary has become. Now a small family business, I have finally passed on the Lupins hand sorting and the trimming of the threads and some filling to mum & dad. Everything else, for now all me. We are proud to be known for premium quality product ranges that are admired for their unique designs and quality.

I hope that your Cotton Apothecary heat pack will always offer you a bright spark in days that may seem you are at your lowest.  I love nothing more than you letting me know how my heat packs have helped you, and seeing you use them. Know that each heat pack has been made with so much love that it will hopefully radiate over you like a warm hug. I will always place quality over quantity for you with each piece handcrafted with as much care as the next. 

Heat packs designed by a spoonie for spoonies. Changing the way we think about and use heat packs. Created for those who need to use them all day everyday. 

Thank you for following along with my journey so far, I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for 2022.