Heat Pack and Product FAQs

Can you send your heat packs internationally?

We are happy to announce that heat packs can now be shipped to New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland.

We are still working on other international countries

Can you send any of your products internationally?

Any product that isn’t a heat pack or lavender product can be shipped internationally.

If you want to double check anything please contact me at customerservice@cottonapothecary.com

All fabrics, homewares, accessories and design services can be purchased.

What is Lupins?

Lupin is a Legume which grows like a pea in a pod but is harvested in the same way as wheat. We use Australian Grown Lupins in all of our Heat Packs.

Do your heat packs contain lavender?

My heat packs do not contain lavender, however we do work with some lavender products 

Do you add any aromatherapy to your heat packs?

I do not add any form of scents to my heat packs